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I wrote about 1600 words today (the first writing I've done since Wednesday), what with all the chores I did today. Ordinarily those chores get done on the weekend when I'm not writing anyhow, but this weekend my lovely and talented wife and I had a mini-vacation. I spent a good chunk of Thursday running around getting our ducks in a row. Friday I packed in the morning, picked up Snippy from work at noon, we ate lunch, packed the car, and hit the road to the coast. We got a later start than intended, then got lost on the west side when a detour to avoid the I-5 traffic went poorly.

We stopped at the Spirit Wind Casino, as planned, where we killed time by eating dinner and doing a little business with the one-armed bandits. (Or she did. I just watched. I'm not much for gambling.) Then we saw Penn & Teller, whose show was the impetus for the whole trip. We had the cheap seats--we bought "best available" and that's what there was left by the time we learned of the show. But the show was in an event room, like a big hotel conference room with a stage. Bleachers in the back, and rows of chairs on the floor. We were in the back row on the floor--and it wasn't that bad. Maybe a couple thousand people all together.

Penn & Teller were fabulous. Some of their gags we'd seen before in various television appearances, but a lot of it was new to us, and all of it was wonderfully entertaining. They really run the gamut of magic. Sleight of hand, prop magic, levitation, mentalism, and of course, lots of comedy. If I ever get the chance to see them again, I definitely will. After the show, we hit the road to Lincoln City, where we checked into a cabin at the KOA camp ground.

Saturday was a glorious day at the coast (for values of glorious that included occasional rain storms). Snippy rose with the sun, went out for breakfast and a walk on the beach, then returned. We went out to lunch, then spent a couple or three hours at one of the small beach access points watching the sky and the surf and enjoying the sun and the sound of the ocean. Afterward we repaired to the cabin again, where napping and sex occurred. Later on, we discovered that we were both satisfied with our beach experience and ready to go home.

Ten minutes later we had the car packed. We checked out, had dinner at Moe's on the way out of town, and headed home. Another stop at Spirit Mountain, where Snippy played Roulette for the first time--just to check it off of her list of things to do, and she won a little money. Bonus! Then we drove home, where we enjoyed having the house to ourselves for the rest of the weekend. There was much lounging about, snuggling, and more marital arts action.

This morning, alas, it was back to business as usual. I did all the usual weekend chores a day late, as well as a few other chores, and wrote a little around the edges. I received a personal rejection letter for "First Impressions", a story I'd sent to a romance magazine. They'd decided that the story wasn't quite what they were looking for, but they liked my writing and urged me to send them other stories--so yay! (A sale would've been better, but an encouraging rejection isn't bad.) There aren't a lot of markets for that sort of story, so I'll probably rework it it a little and submit it to Cobblestone or some similar publisher.

Today was an "I'm not sure about this novel" day. Nonetheless, I kept writing. I'm within 15,000 words of my goal now--that's one good week's worth of writing. With a little perseverance, I can have it finished (first pass, anyhow) by the end of the month. Then I'll probably let it sit for a week or two before going back to clean it up and let my lovely and talented first reader have it. That'll also give me a couple of weeks to work on short stories.

Stories in Circulation: 11
Rejections: 39
Stories Accepted: SEVEN
Stories to Resubmit: 0

Novel Queries: 1 Novel, 4 queries out
Novel Rejections: 6

Project 1: Starship Repo Man (Tentative Title: Nine Tenths of the Law)
Words Written: 84,950


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