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Words Written This Weekend: None
Words Written YTD (since May 1): 86,905
Stories in Circulation: 7
Rejections: 4
Stories Accepted: ONE!

That's right, boys and girls. I received a contract offer to publish a short story! Go me!

So, two weeks ago (on July 4th to be precise) I received an email from an editor at Cobblestone Press. She was thinking, she wrote, about offering a contract for my story and wanted to make sure it was still available. It was, of course, because I don't send out simultaneous submissions. I emailed her back immediately (literally, about four minutes after I received her email--I happened to be sitting at my computer when it popped into my in-box) to say that it was still available.

And...I heard nothing for two interminable weeks. Argh! I was on pins and needles for the last couple of weeks, anxiously awaiting an email or a letter or--something! But nothing arrived.

Until tonight. My email may have been literally the last thing she did before she left the office--on vacation. She wrote back tonight to confirm the offer. I received the contract by email and I'll be sending it back shortly.

The story will be published online, though it'll probably be several months before that happens. But that's not the point. The point is: I've sold one!

(Cue Janine from Ghostbusters: Phone rings. She answers. "Ghostbusters. Yes, they're totally serious. You do? You have? Oh yes, they'll be totally discreet." Hangs up the phone and slaps the alarm button. Alarm bells ring throughout Ghostbusters HQ. "We've GOT ONE!")

sinanju: The Shadow (Default) harder some days than others. Today, for instance. I'm having trouble coming up with story ideas to use as "seeds" for stories. I reject a lot of them as dull, boring, unworkable or otherwise unsuitable.* So I dithered a little before I sat down today with nothing in the pipeline to start from.

But I opened the folder that contains half a dozen previous openings that never went anywhere. I picked one and started the clock. And started writing. Wrote this morning, had lunch, then wrote more this afternoon. And managed to produce 2800 words.

Do I think what I've written is saleable? No. Not as it stands. Do I think it's interesting? Yeah, maybe. But it's not a story at this point--and not just because it isn't complete. Will I be able to turn it into a story? I don't know. But at the very least, I've accomplished this: I wrote more than my minimum words for the day despite having nothing on tap when I sat down to the keyboard. That's good. Good fodder for programming my subconscious with the belief that I CAN do this, and good discipline. Sit. Write. Write more. Quit only when you've reached your goal for the day (or even better, exceeded it).

*Perhaps I should look into advice on brainstorming. I know it's out there. Perhaps I'm being too critical of my ideas when they're still only a figurative gleam in my eye. Perhaps if I'm not so quick to dismiss an idea and instead try to nurture it, it'll bloom into an actual story.

Anyhow. Having done my day's writing, I felt the mood to clean fall upon me. So I just finished washing all the dishes in the kitchen, and clearing away some clutter, and scrubbing the counters and the stovetop, and sweeping the floor. The floor really needs to be mopped as well, but...not today. But it'll be a nice surprise for my lovely and talented wife when she gets home tonight.

Words Written Today: 2,849
Words Written YTD (since May 1): 36,661
Streak (500+ words/day): 22 Days
Stories in Circulation: 6 (another one in the mail today)
Rejections: 3
Stories Accepted: 0
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Somehow I just couldn't get motivated to write today like I have all week. Which isn't to say that I didn't write anything. I did--more than 1500 words. Which ain't chopped liver. In fact, it's more than my daily goal for this week.

It seems insuffient because it's nowhere near what I've done most of this week. And it took me hours more than usual. On the other hand, it IS over my daily goal, so I should remember that I succeeded. And I've got a story finished--part of why it took so long is that I was bashing the story into final shape for sending out.

What is it? It's erotica. Or smut, if you like. But hey--if they'll pay me for it, I'll write it!

Words Written Today: 1,602
Words Written YTD (since May 1): 32,346
Streak (500+ words/day): 19 Days
Stories in Circulation: 5
Rejections: 3
Stories Accepted: 0
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Today's new fiction total: 3,102 words. New daily word count record! (Cue the tickertape parade....)

I may just be on to something with this new approach. On the other hand, I see that if I'm going to be producing this kind of volume on a regular basis, I'm going to have to have a lot more story ideas lined up ready to go. I only had a couple of story concepts written down for this week. At my previous average daily output, that would have been enough for the week.

Both of them are now mostly finished. A little tweaking and they should be done and ready to send out. Which means I have nothing in the pipeline for tomorrow or Friday. So I guess tonight I'll have to rough out some concepts for more stories.

Words Written Today: 3,102
Words Written YTD (since May 1): 27,951 (Woo! An average of slightly over 1,000 words a day for May)
Streak (500+ words/day): 17 Days
Stories in Circulation: 5
Rejections: 3
Stories Accepted: 0
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I da man! Not quote 2800 words today! Woohoo!

This new approach may work very well. Or maybe the story I'm writing today is just coming to me easily. I guess we'll see...

In addition to having a story concept in mind before I start, I tried another approach today. I set a kitchen timer for one hour and wrote. When the alarm sounded. I stopped, did a little exercise, threw some laundry in the washer, drank some water. Then I set it for another hour and wrote. Then I had a one hour lunch, worked on laundry, and watched an episode of BONES on DVD from the rental store (I'm watching the first season over again).

After lunch, another hour. Then exercise, laundry, etc. Then the final hour of writing. It's only one data point, but if this pattern holds up, that's a real good approach it seems.

Words Written Today: 2,791
Words Written YTD (since May 1): 24,849
Streak (500+ words/day): 16 Days
Stories in Circulation: 5 ("Home Invasion" mailed out today)
Rejections: 3
Stories Accepted: 0


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