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Jun. 2nd, 2010 04:17 pm
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I hit 98,010 words on the novel today--and that's the end. Technically I was shooting for 100,000 but I hit the end of the story and that's it. If I wrote any more I'd be adding words just to pad the count. Besides, when I'm done with the revisions, I expect to cut the word count down to about 90,000 (maybe even a little lower) anyhow. So I'm calling it done.

At least the first draft.
Then there's the clean-up.
Then I let my lovely and talented wife read and critique it.
Then I make any changes I think advisable...and then out the door it goes.

Stories in Circulation: 11
Rejections: 40
Stories Accepted: SEVEN
Stories to Resubmit: 0

Novel Queries: 1 Novel, 4 queries out
Novel Rejections: 6

Project 1: Starship Repo Man (Tentative Title: Nine Tenths of the Law)
Words Written: 98,010 aaaaand Finished!

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Yes. Yes, it is. November was eventful.

I wrote a novel. Not a good novel, but a novel nonetheless. From now on I can speaking the next novel, because now I've written one. It was a interesting (and sometimes uncomfortable) experience. While I knew, intellectually, that writing a novel is simply a matter of eating the elephant one bite at a time, emotionally it was a much bigger deal. I was anxious before and during the Nanowrimo project, at least for the first few days. At some point it really sank in that, yes, if I simply sit down and write on it every day, I can and will eventually reach the finish line.

And I did, on the eighteenth of November, a little over halfway through the month--an average of 2,777 words a day. Not that I wrote every day. Some days I didn't write at all, most days I did 3,000 words or more. At that pace, a full month's work would net me roughly 83,000 words--and that's in the ballpark for an actual, publishable novel. Fifty thousand words isn't really long enough for a novel. But 80,000 words? Now we're talking.

On the flip side, I haven't done any writing to speak of since the week of Thanksgiving. Little or none prior to Thanksgiving, then none during Orycon, and none this week while I've been dealing with con crud. (Although, in retrospect, I suspect I picked up this bug from the grandbaby on Thanksgiving rather than at the convention. I started feeling puny on Sunday, which would have been fast work for a bug I picked up Friday or Saturday.

I got an email last night from Cobblestone Press. They've accepted a fourth story--Three On A Rooftop. That's the working title, which I'm not entirely happy with, but unless I come up with one I like better, and soon, it's probably what we'll stick with. I just signed and emailed back the contract for that one.

I also learned that "Queen Bee", which I figured would come out in late December at best, or more likely in January, will be published in December 16th as part of their Twelve Days of Christmas--a story a day for twelve days leading up to Christmas. Go me!

But lest I get too full of myself, I got an emailed rejection for "Ink" from Shock Totem today. But I've already turned it around and sent it out to the next market on the marketing list. A hint from the Kris & Dean show in September has been very useful.

To wit: when a story is ready to mail, sit down and make a list of the top ten markets you want to send it to. Send it to the first one. When and if it gets rejected, just send it to the next one on the list. Lather, rinse, repeat. If necessary, when you get thru that list, list the next ten markets and keep going.

It's not quite that simple, in practice. I always check to make sure the market in question is a) still active, b) accepting submissions (a lot of electronic publications, in particular, have "windows" when they're accepting and when they're not), and c) hasn't changed their focus so they're no longer an appropriate market for the story. But once that's done, I send the story out. And it really does make it easier than researching potential markets for each story every time it comes back.

And speaking of stories in circulation, I've taken one story ("Unconventional") out of circulation. I've exhausted the markets for it in its current form, but I think with a little reworking, it would likely find a home elsewhere. So that's on my to-do list, along with getting back to writing every day. I have several story ideas I need to write (or finish) and get out there, several for Cobblestone Press, who seem to like my stuff.

Oh! And I got a review for each of my first two stories at the Got Erotic Romance website. You can see the reviews for Flying High and Bound by Convention at these links.

Stories in Circulation: 11 (one has been shelved for reworking for a new market)
Rejections: 21 ("Ink" rejected by Shock Totem, now off to the next market on the list)
Stories Accepted: FOUR! <--Yes, another acceptance by Cobblestone Press.
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Woohoo! I watched Glee with my lovely and talented wife tonight, then wandered over to my computer to check my email. I usually keep Gmail open in Firefox so I can see at a glance if I've gotten any mail, just in case sometime wants to buy one of my stories. Most days it doesn't happen.


Tonight I found a contract offer for "Bound by Convention" from Cobblestone Press. It's my second sale, and a sequel to my first. The editor wrote, and I quote, "You sure make 'super heroines' fun to read about. Enjoyed revisiting the Black Knight and his Iron Maiden." I'm glad to hear that, 'cause I like writing about them--one of the stories I'm working on this week is still another in that series. Needless to say, I'm very pleased.

Stories in Circulation: 12
Rejections: 14
Stories Accepted: TWO! <---Yes, a SECOND ONE just today!

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My much-remarked upon (at least by me) first fiction sale, "Flying High", was released today by Cobblestone-press.com. It is, in fact, available here: http://www.cobblestone-press.com/catalog/books/flyinghigh.htm

Feel free to look. Feel free to buy it. :D

Meanwhile, I gotta get back to my writing, so I can do this again. I like this feeling!

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I didn't write a word today until this afternoon. This morning I ran (yay!), then showered and sat down at the computer and...nothing. I just couldn't do it. I read a lot of old dribs and drabs of things I've written before (some more than 15 years ago--I've saved all those files through several new PCs). Nothing....

Went to lunch with my lovely and talented wife [personal profile] snippy. Then cruised through Powell's City of Books and picked up a copy of Story by Robert McKee, on a recommendation from [profile] kzmiller. It's a book on screenwriting primarily, but it goes into the principles of plotting and story and I already think it will be a very useful resource.

After that I returned home and sat down in front of my computer, opened a blank file, started the timer and began writing. Because dammit! I'm going to write today!

I'd just finished reading "Resolution", a western by Robert B. Parker, so I decided to play with a western motif and see where it took me. I started with a couple of characters riding over a ridge to see that their home had burned; the house, the barn, all of it. They investigated. It wasn't an accident. One of the characters checked the well.

What was he checking for? I wasn't sure. To see if it had been poisoned. Maybe a body had been thrown in to pollute the water. Or...maybe a zombie was in the well. A zombie? Yeah, a zombie. So the character probed the well as best he could to see if any zombie were lurking beneath the surface.

At which point I realized I wasn't writing a western. Or not a straight western. Western horror, maybe. And probably most or all of what I wrote today won't actually work in the final version of this story. I can see lots of changes I might want to make in it. But I have an idea for a story now that I didn't have when I sat down to write this afternoon.

I'll count that as a win.

Words Written Today: 2,023
Words Written YTD (since May 1): 43,026
Streak (500+ words/day): 25 Days
Stories in Circulation: 7
Rejections: 3
Stories Accepted: 0


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