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I screwed up my computer. I accept full responsibility. I ignored a warning and paid the price for it.

However, I am now once again posting from my own computer. Thanks to the helpful folks at the OpenSuse forums, I got the advice I needed to fix the problem. In fact, the computer display has more resolution now than it did before my little "accident." (I think the fix involved changing video drivers, and the driver I'm using now can handle a true widescreen display, unlike the one I was using before.

I think. Not that i have any desire to monkey with it again, and won't for a long while.

I was also advised not to rush into updating my OS. Version 10.3 (my current version) was a very good, very stable release. The current release, 11.2, is also a good release--but there are issues with drivers for ATI video cards, which is what I have. The helpful fellow who told me how to fix my problem said that if I wait a month or two, there will very likely be some improvements in that area.

So I won't be rushing to update my operating system for a while. Besides, I've noticed a distinct lack of enthusiasm in myself for doing so already. This is my work computer now, not just my hobby box. In the past, if I screwed it up and it took a day or two to fix, it was frustrating and annoying, but only frustrating and annoying. Now it means I can't use my computer to write, and I wouldn't have easy access to my working files.

I would have access, mind you. They're all backed up (I back up everything offsite religiously), and the online backup means I can access them from any internet-connected PC. But working on someone else's computer is a pain in the ass.

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Victory is mine! On this eighteen day of November, Two thousand and nine, I finished my Nanowrimo project well ahead of schedule. I have a novel under my belt. Not a good one--but a novel nonetheless. I'm very pleased.

In other news...I'm posting from my wife's computer because I've royally fucked mine up. One of the good things about Linux is that you are not at the mercy of Microsoft. You have far more control over what your computer does and doesn't do, than most Windows users.

The bad thing about Linux have far more control over what your computer does and doesn't do than most Windows users.

In my case, I was trying to get more resolution from my video driver software. It isn't using the current monitor to its full extent. More importantly, I can't update my operating system (OpenSuse 10.3 at the moment) to anything more current because anytime I try i get a black screen and the error message "Input Signal Out of Range". That's been the case since I bought my widescreen LCD monitor, but it wasn't an issue until recently.

OpenSuse 10.3 has officially reached the end of its support cycle. No more updates or patches. I need to update my OS. Which wouldn't be a problem...except that my video card and/or drivers can't handle the newer versions. I saw a message today on the OpenSuse forums that yes, this is a well known issue. My Radeon 9200 video card is officially legacy hardware.

I was hoping to use a fix i read about on the forums to give me a little bit more performance. Alas, now my system won't boot into the GUI. it crashes back to the command line. I've tried almost everything _I_ know to try. Now I'm asking for help on the OpenSuse forums. If all else fails, I can always reinstall 10.3 from scratch. it will be a pain in the ass, and take a couple of hours...but I can do it, if I have to.

I'd rather not. it would still leave me with the original problem. If that's the case, I'd rather just get a quick fix and then address the underlying problem. Which is that I'm going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade my video card--which means I need to figure out what newer video cards a) will work with my equally antiquated motherboard (Microstar International's MS-7104), and b) will work and play well with OpenSuse and my Hanns-G HW191 monitor.

It's annoying, but it's also my own damn fault. I clicked 'yes' when I wasn't absolutely sure it would work. That'll teach me, I guess.

Project: Strange Attractors
New Words Written: 3,313 (very good)
Present Total Word Count: 50,445 words (50,082 according to the NaNoWriMo word verification page, but what do THEY know)
Goal: 50,000 words by November 30

Stories in Circulation: 12
Rejections: 20
Stories Accepted: THREE!


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