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So, how's that writing thing going?

Well, I have thirteen stories circulating at the moment, and two accepted for publication. I've been doing pretty well at getting a story done each week, with occasional misses. (Officially, I'd like to get two done each week, but, yeah...not so much with the success on that. Still, if it gets me to a workable goal of one a week, that's not so bad.)

I'm four days out from the kick-off of NaNoWriMo. I've got a title and a very general idea for a novel now. "Strange Attractors" as the title for a science fiction romance. I like this title because it's wordplay on several levels. First, of course, it's a romance--so attraction. Second, "strange attractors" is an actual mathematical/science concept, so score. And third, the plot (insofar as I've worked it out) will have to do with "strange attractors" in time--i.e., critical tipping points in a war for control of history.

I got my first royalty statement from Cobblestone Press today. It was rather disspiriting. Now (as I firmly reminded myself after a few minutes of depression), the story only went on sale on September 25th, so the period covered was only five days. I'll get a statement for October at the end of next month. Nonetheless, it was disappointing not to see a better result. However, I reminded myself that...
  • It's my first story. By this time next month, I'll have two up for sale on the site.
  • They wouldn't be publishing them if they didn't think they could make money from them.
  • I just need to learn how to do more and better promotion. There's a woman whose first sale came shortly after mine, and she's everywhere, man! She posts promos and excerpts and does guest posts on other blogs, and interviews, and on and on. I emailed her to ask about it. Turns out she was a realtor before she decided to start writing, so I guess she knows about self-promotion.
  • My second story will be out sometime next month. So that gives me anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to plan how to make a bigger splash. Plus, I'll have two stories to promote, not just one, which gives me more to talk about.
So, I've got two things to work toward in November. Writing my 50,000 words toward a novel--and mastering the art of self-promotion in the epublishing world. Plus, writing other stories. I want to try to continue producing a story a week in addition to working on the novel. After all, 1,667 words a day for 30 days (or 2,380 per day if I only work weekdays in November) will accomplish 50,000 words by the end of November. That should leave time to work on other stories, right?

I guess we'll find out.

And now...a test run of the word count widget I'm going to be using for NaNoWriMo, posted here for all and sundry to see, so y'all can see how well--or how poorly--I'm doing on the novel.

Stories in Circulation: 13
Rejections: 18
Stories Accepted: TWO!

Cover Art!

Aug. 16th, 2009 01:50 pm
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I received the proof for the cover of my yet-to-be-published story last week. I had a couple of minor comments to make on it. This morning I received the modified promotional art. I have the complete cover in several sizes, a banner, a half-banner and a square button to use as an icon (see the icon on this post).

I don't yet have a publication date for the story, and there may well be a little editing before it's completed and ready to go, but I have art. Yay! I'm very pleased by this.

Yes, you may note that that author name on the cover is different from mine. It's my Nom du Erotica. Anyhow, check it out!



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