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My lovely and talented wife took off for San Francisco on Thursday to visit friends. She returns tomorrow. She also texted less than an hour ago to report that she has a cold and ask me to make sure we have Sudafed on hand. It sucks for her that she's come down with a cold, but Twoson and I will take good care of her when she gets home.

This means, among other things, a trip across the river to Vancouver, WA tomorrow because the State of Oregon has made Sudafed a prescription-only purchase. You can own it, but can only buy it in-state with a prescription from your doctor. Those of us who live close enough to the border can drive into Washington and get it there. We'll also have to stock up on other things for colds, I expect.

Anyhow, with Snippy out of town, Twoson and I were on our own for the long weekend. On the drive home after work Thursday, I started feeling very lonely. Snippy was out of town and I wouldn't seen any of our friends (all of whom have their own busy lives, so our get-togethers are scheduled). I even teared up, though it part that was probably due to listening to the country music station on the radio while driving. But I thought about my plans for the weekend and started feeling better.

Those plans started when I stopped on the way home to buy Twoson and myself dinner at Son of A Biscuit (a local fried chicken restaurant who make some very spicy chicken). We watched tv or played on the computer and stayed up to the ungodly-late hour of 1:30 in the morning and slept til 10 a.m.. Once upon a time I routinely stayed up that late, or later, especially on weekends. But not anymore. I work an early job and I get up not so early (but still earlier than I prefer) to make breakfast for Snippy on the weekends. So I intended to enjoy sleeping in on my four-day weekend (I took Tuesday off, in addition to the holiday today).

I spent Saturday, Sunday and today alternately netsurfing, writing, watching tv, reading, or doing various chores. Chores still need doing, even on holidays. I did the grocery shopping, lots of laundry (sheets, towels, anti-allergen mattress covers and pillowcases, clothes). I dusted and vacuumed, and de-cluttered and straightened up the living room area, ran the dishwasher occasionally, and so forth. I didn't push to get the chores done. This was supposed to be a vacation. None of it required concentrated attention, so I'd throw a load in the wash/load the dishwasher and do something fun for a while.

Saturday Twoson was at work most of the day, so I puttered around the apartment on my own until mid-afternoon, then went out shopping. I bought three pairs of jeans I needed. I look for new sneakers, but after trying three different sports shoes stores, I walked away empty-handed. I had a surfeit of choices, a bit of sticker shock, and no real idea what sort of shoes I really wanted. A little research is called for, I think.

I've been writing for an online RPG I joined a couple-three weeks ago. It's been very slow. I've had almost no responses, but it's not me--there's been relatively little activity at all. Perhaps it's the start of school (some of the players are students or teachers, I know), and the holiday weekend. But in any case, I've been having fun making posts of my own. It isn't writing that will make me any money, but it's writing and I'm enjoying it, and that's a start. I keep feeling like I ought to be writing something I could sell, but at least I'm writing now, and that hasn't been the case for a long while.

I tried going for a bicycle ride today. We got a bicycle from a friend last summer. Originally it was intended for Twoson, but he never used it. So I claimed it. Took it out today--and discovered that the tires have gone soft in that time. I need to pump them up again but we don't own a bicycle tire pump. So I'll do that another day.

Three of the four days of my vacation are over now. There's only tomorrow to go, and then it's back to work for three days. I've enjoyed it. I've stayed up late, slept in, and generally enjoyed not having a fixed schedule of any sort for a few days. It's been really nice. I tried a couple of episodes of Archer on netflix; it's amusing, and I'll probably watch more, but I'm in no hurry. I also watched a couple of episodes of Continuum, which I enjoyed and may try to share with Twoson and Snippy. If they like it too, we'll have something else to watch together at least until all our regular fall shows come back on. As I said, it's been nice.

But I'll be very glad when Snippy comes home again. I've missed her, and look forward to spending some time with her. We're planning a celebratory dinner tomorrow evening. The original plan was to go out somewhere if she felt up to it (after a day of travel), or to pick something up from a new Chinese restaurant we've found (or maybe somewhere else) if she weren't. Since she has a cold, I suspect it will be the latter--if she feels up to eating much at all.


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