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The Dresden Files continues to leave me conflicted. I watched the premiere, but with only about half my attention. I missed the scene in which the villain was dealt with--and didn't find the story interesting enough to rewind the Tivo and catch it. Not a good sign. But the next episode was really good; [ profile] snippy and I were both impressed with it.

Last week's episode (which we only got around to viewing tonight)? The one with the werewolves? It had its moments, but overall it didn't do much for us. The show seems very uneven.

Supernatural:  Yay! More Bob The Good Ol' Boy Hunter! I like Bob. I like Bob a lot. And as an extra added bonus, Bob was the voice of reason in this episode. Even better, he didn't get killed. I fully--if sadly--expect him to get killed at some point. He's not the star of the show, and Hunting is a dangerous line of work, so the odds are against him. But damn it, I like him.

Battlestar Galactica: Okay, so somebody did a half-assed job of patching holes in the airlock bulkhead. Mistakes happen. But nobody bothered to test the patch before they blithely had Tyrell and Cally go into the airlock to work on it? You know, run the pressure up and see if the patches held--and only if they are solid do you (reduce the pressure to standard levels again) and send the repair crew in.

You know, you'd think that a warship would be better equipped for such problems. Warships, by their very nature, tend to get holes punched in them. Maybe not full vacc suits, but survival pods--even just an inflatable plastic bubble that will save you from the worst effects of vacuum exposure until you can be rescued. But that's not an option, apparently. Nor can they cut through the interior bulkheads in time to do anything for them.

So they put a Raptor outside the airlock to catch the two crewmembers when they blow the airlock doors off. The Raptor crew are in vacc suits since the Raptor has to be open to space to retrieve them. Then they close the hatch and repressurize. Sure, I get that. Only...

1. Why blow off the airlock doors? Aside from the issue of the doors endangering the Raptor as they go flying through space, now you've rendered the airlock useless until and unless you can replace the doors. And it's not like Galactica is going to be putting in for resupply and repairs at a drydock anytime soon.

2. The airlock was losing atmosphere. Which means it was at less than standard pressure when they blew the doors off. Standard pressure is 14 psi. You don't get hurricane force winds when that happens. You get a gentle breeze.

3. Why the hell did they stage this lame-brained stunt? You've got at least four people in the Raptor in full vacc suits. Why don't they, oh I don't know...SEAL THE HOLE FROM THE OUTSIDE? For god's sake, people, spray SHAVING CREAM into the hole so it freezes and blocks it long enough to slap a metal plate over the hole and glue/weld/whatever it into position. It only has to last long enough to satisfy the air pressure sensors so they'll open the inner doors.

sigh... Battlestar Galactica is generally a good show. But Ronald Moore freely confesses to caring more about character than plot or science--and it shows.


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