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After spending too much time spinning my wheels lately, I got back to writing today. I wrote about 3000 words, including a scene from one of the several novel ideas I've been toying with. It probably won't make the cut, and I'll rewrite it, but I discovered something about the hero's personality and background, as well as a couple of scenes I'll want to include in the finished story.

I got an emailed rejection on "Man Ape" the other day and on "Reunion" today. I got both stories back out this evening (both by email). So that's good. I still need to get 3 copies of the first novel back out there too.

Everyone's talking about Inception on my friends list. Raving about it, really. I saw it and thought it was pretty well done, ain't all that. For a dream that's all about diving into peoples' dreams, there's a lot of standard "caper film" action and not a lot of dreamscape manipulation. Which, at least in my case, is what I paid to see. Mostly it was the sort of thing one could see them doing in any random episode of Mission: Impossible with those amazing masks, and plenty of misdirection and superspy action. Entertaining, yes--but not something that really takes advantage of the whole "you're inside someone's dream" concept. Aside from one scene in which Ellen Page's character is introduced to the tech/concept of dreamwalking, and performs some amazing landscape sculpting--only to be told, "Don't ever do that!"--and the zero-g hotel hallway gag, it was a let down. The Matrix, which had plenty of problems of its own, at least lived up to its billing in this regard.

I'm also working my way through both seasons of Dead Like Me again via Netflix. Man, I love that show. I read once that "love is exception-making", and I think that's right. I'm generally a stickler for plots and backstory that make sense. There are logical flaws in the mythological and practical framework of that show that you could fly a 747 through, but I don't care. I love the concept, and I love the characters and the absurdity and the emotion and the preposterous Rube Goldberg-esque deaths that afflict so many characters in the series. I love Daisy and George, especially. And the music. I'm willing to overlook the problems in return for enjoying the show enough to watch the episodes again and again and again.

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