Sep. 25th, 2014

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Belated report, but a report nonetheless.

Snippy and I headed back to the con Sunday morning and got there right at opening. We briefly debated whether to go--we were both tired and the thought of spending Sunday resting was attractive, but ultimately we wanted to see more of the convention. Plus, in our crafty fashion, we expected to have the convention floor to ourselves (for certain values of "ourselves") because most of the attendees would be sleeping in.

This proved to be the case. The aisles were mostly clear, and we were able to navigate them with ease despite the need for a post-surgical walker. Of course, some of the artists/writers weren't there yet either at first. But that was okay. We got a couple of comics signed by the creators, bought a little swag, and walked around gawking at all the art and fiction and stuff for sale.

No panels this time. We just explored Artists' Alley and the marketplace. As the morning wore on people filtered in continuously, until by about 11:30 it was as crowded as it had been the day before. But cooler--because the convention center had finally, FINALLY turned on the air conditioning late Saturday afternoon. Nonetheless by around noon or a little after, we were done. We'd seen what we wanted to see, bought what we'd wanted to buy (if it was available--I persist in believing Marvel is losing huge amounts of money by not putting a Baby Dancing Groot toy on the market ASAP).

On the way home we stopped at our Friendly Local Comic Book Shop (tm) because we hadn't been there in quite a while. We just considered it part of our Comic Con weekend extravaganza. We picked up quite a stack of comics. Because, I repeat, we hadn't been in in a while.

So overall, RCCC was a hit. I wish TwoSon could have had more fun (he didn't join us for the second day), but he'd been having a bad few days and the convention, while it had its high points for him, just didn't enthuse him like it did Snippy and me. We haven't talked about it yet, but I want to go back next year for sure. It was fun.


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